Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Winner Winner!!

We finished the recipe contest, and let me say that judging was REALLY hard!!  All of the recipes were DELICIOUS!!  Darin and I disagreed on who we thought should win, but let’s be honest, I had the final say, and I DID take the kids opinions into account.  So, here are the winners:

1st- Katie’s Meatball’s with BBQ Sauce
2nd- Sarah’s San Francisco Chops
3rd- Nikki’s Cookie Salad

Bridget, Ionana, and Miranda—your recipes were FABULOUS as well!  
We loved them!!  Thanks for submitting!

Katie, Sarah, and Nikki—if you will email me your address, I will mail out your prizes!  Just don’t get too excited, they aren’t THAT great!  But thanks for the recipe!  Great job everyone!


Sarah and Alex said...

I'm so glad you all liked it! My email is sarahthorup14@gmail.com! Thanks for having such a fun contest! :)

Sarah and Alex said...

Oh sorry, I thought you said email address! Ha ha! You can mail it to my parents address since I'll be in Utah for 5 weeks. 2529 Midwest dr. Taylorsville UT 84129

nikki said...

2621 n elm dr, lehi, ut 84043. This is all so fun.

nikki said...

2621 n elm dr, lehi, ut 84043 this is all so fun. You're so cute!