Saturday, January 2, 2010

Halloween Food

Witch Hat
So EASY and SOO cute!!!!! I got this idea from my sister-in-law Jadi. Just take Hershey kisses and shortbread cookies and stick them together using melted chocolate. Then finish the edge with a little piped frosting. Yum!

Bean Dip Spider Web
Mix black beans, salsa, and Monterey jack cheese in the food processor. Bake in the oven until warm. Spiral sour cream on the top then pull out to make a spider web effect.

Candy Corn Quesadillas
This idea was my sister Heather’s. She just uses tortillas and uses 3 different colors of cheese and layers them in towards the center, then cuts them into triangles to look like candy corns.

Spider Web Cream of Wheat
Make your cream of wheat, then swirl in a dark jam (I used grape jam) start in the middle and pull outward using a knife

Cyclops Egg Eye
Just make a regular sunny side up egg and make squiggly lines using ketchup! I also served these with toast cut in Halloween shapes (a pumpkin toast with peach jam, and a cat with the grape jelly)

Lady Finger Breadsticks
Also my sister’s idea!! Just use your favorite breadstick recipe, then shape them like fingers, make knuckle marks, and add an almond for the nail!

Celery Mummies
Cut celery and fill with Old English Cheese. Then, make “bandages” across the mummy using string cheese or grated mozzerella. Use dried fruit for the eyes.

Pumpkin Veggie Tray
Use an assortment of veggies and arrange to look like a Jack-o-lantern!

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