Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strawberry Parfait


Strawberries, (washed and sliced)

Layer Granola, strawberries, and yogurt in a parfait glass. Serve cold.

Haylee’s Note:
I know that this isn’t really something people need a recipe for, but sometimes it is just nice to have the idea of what to make. When Darin and I were in the airport, we got a parfait just like this, but it also had some delicious blueberries. We craved them so much when we got home so I made some granola, and we had these for breakfast nearly every day! Enjoy!! Oh, and can you really eat a parfait without thinking of Shrek? Love those layers!!


Chase & Alexa Hansen said...

Hi Haylee,
My name is Alexa and my husband and I are obsessed with your food blog! We are SO impressed with all of your delicious recipes...It helps me A LOT! My husband was wondering if you have ever been to the Cocoa Bean in Provo, UT. He is dying for you to figure out their cupcake and frosting recipes! It is his favorite place besides J-doggs, and he figured since you cracked that recipe you might be able to crack their secret recipe :)

Haylee said...

Wow!! Alexa! You have totally just made my day!! I haven't been to the Cocoa Bean, but next time I am down that way I will be sure to stop there!! Is there a certain cupcake I should try or are they all pretty similar? I don't know if I'll be any good at figuring their cupcake or frosting out, but I will give it a try!! Thanks again for your kind comment!! You are a sweetheart!!